Menampilkan postingan dari Maret, 2011

Saturday nite

This saturday night used to be together with my dearest, but where is he now?
Oh, he's outside meeting his friends. Dunno for work or just playing. I'm lonely here, just befriend with my loyal laptop and internet.
This saturday night, I'm wondering, when HE will trust me to seed one of HIS precious species inside my body, when HE will trust me to take care the little baby to become the great Man. I miss one little life to grow inside me.

First things on my marriage life

Good day my dear friends,
This is for the first time i write my blog again since my marriage. Well. i dont know what to say, but marriage life is so great. I mean, even it is very hard, which is you have to share ur half life with a man, u have also share ur life with the family.
I cant cook, but fortunately my husband can understand that. But he doesnt let me cant cook forever. He demands me to learn cook. Well... man's happiness also base on his woman's cook, right? so i think, if he's happy, i'll do anything.